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Ultimate ImmersionLife-like SensationsPrecision and Accuracy

Seamless Human Digital Interface for Fitness, Gaming, and Virtual Reality.

Our Solutions

Elevate Your Business with Innovative Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

From immersive training simulations to advanced design prototyping, HEXR Glove offers unparalleled functionality tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

Future Vision​

We’re committed to pushing the boundaries and expanding the possibilities of wearable technology. Discover our ongoing research and development efforts aimed at unlocking new levels of innovation.

Precision and Reliability​

Our patented soft sensors can be seamlessly  embedded into a wide range of wearable devices. Offering limitless possibilities for innovation that offers unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Our Products

Designed for User Experience and Success.

HEXR Glove​

Your gateway to the tactile metaverse, where haptics extend beyond reality.
— Experience life-like virtual interactions.


Your journey to objective performance and strength excellence starts here.
— Experience the ARIS Advantage.