ARIS featured on The Straits Times as one of the new medtech trends
News & Awards, 31 August, 2022



Fitness wearable that monitors muscle activity


Smart watches might be the most commonly used example of wearable technology, or smart devices that track, record and measure activity levels, but its potential runs far beyond that of a step or sleep tracker.


According to Dr Yeo Joo Chuan, CEO and co-founder of Microtube Technologies, a key benefit of wearable technology is its ability to continuously monitor a wearer’s health and physiological state, and detect anomalies in real-time to allow for early intervention. More critically, it empowers users with actionable data to better manage their own health and medical conditions.


Microtube Technologies’ latest product ARIS, for example, is a fitness wearable sensor that measures quantitative muscle activity during sports and rehabilitation. By directly measuring muscle exertion during a workout, the user’s range of motion, workout consistency, muscle stability and fatigue level can be detected, which then allows the tracker’s AI algorithm to predict the user’s health profile and recommend next steps and exercise routines to take.


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