ARIS is developed to help anyone doing stationary workouts in gyms or calistenic exercises to track, visualise and analyze their performance. The ARIS sensor straps onto your upper arm or leg and can automatically recognise your reps, giving you an accurate count and feedback through quantifiable metrics. ARIS seek to empower people to build healthy habits and reach their fitness goals.


This programme aims to gather user feedback on the usability, intuitiveness and accuracy of the ARIS sensor and accompanying arm and leg mounting band.


Participants will be selected after filling in a qualifying survey and will be requested to provide timely feedback via a dedicated channel.


Each round of Beta test will last up to 3 weeks. Participants are expected to use the ARIS band throughout their gym sessions in the duration of the programme.


For the duration of the programme, each participant will be loaned one sensor module, one arm band, one leg band and the mobile application APK file.

What can I expect?

Participants may be requested to provide videos of their workout routine or arrange for a workout session with the developers. The programme will focus on receiving feedback on the hardware, software of ARIS and how it fares as a habit building tool.

Size, shape, weight, ease of use, comfort, sizing, durability
Mobile app intuitiveness, features, visual display, navigation
Does it help your routine? Was it motivating?
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