Location: Singapore
Job Type: Internship - 6-12 months
Date Posted :14 May, 2022
Company Overview

Microtube Technologies is a University spin-off incorporated in 2018. Specialized in soft sensing technologies, the company provides customized solutions for wearables using its proprietary microfiber sensors for strain and forces detection. The company is developing a fully soft and conformal smart glove that can be used in gaming, augmented reality, rehabilitation, Internet-of-Things and robotics.

  1. Major in industrial design, electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering.
  2. Familiar with engineering design, programming or circuit board design.
  3. Experience in sensor development and flexible electronics, including mechanical testing and electrical testing.
  4. Experience in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, APP design software such as Andriod Studio will also be an advantage.

Duration of internship: 6-12 months