Our Technology

Our patented soft microfiber sensor is extremely thin and stretchable. It can be woven easily into fabrics to measure minute changes in strain, forces and pressure. Any fabric sewn with our patented sensors can be smart.

ARIS is designed specifically for gym strength training purposes to report various metrics including power, control, number of repetitions, maximum weight, speed, stability, and so on. Our unique algorithm provides automatic rep counting and logging for personalized recommendations and user fitness profiling.

Our fully wireless InfinityGlove™ with corresponding hand avatar. InfinityGlove™ is a virtual reality glove with 5 fingers mapping and wrist motion capturing. Contact us to know more possibilities with our sensors.

An example of another gaming application. Our sensors are weaved into InfinitySleeve™ and linked to a boxing game.

Our latest wearable – ARIS, is a strength training wearable. Here is a prototype showing its ability to detect muscle expansion and contraction.

Our sensors have versatile applications. It is sensitive enough to be able to monitor pulse reading.

Our smart textile senses forces and motion in real-time. The kit comes complete with relevant API and SDK for immediate deployment in Unity Engine.

Our sensor is one of the thinnest and most stretchable in the world. The sensor can be stretched up to three times its original length. We can customize the sensors according to your needs.

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